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Bright Eyes Treatment at Sabai Thai Spa:

Refresh and firm your eye area.  The perfect treatment to regain a youthful, awake appearance as puffiness, sagging skin, fine lines and dark circles are reduced.

What to expect when I book a Bright Eyes Treatment at Sabai Thai Spa:

This treatment zeroes in on your eye area, using a combination of potent organic products and specific massage techniques to give you instant results.  Beginning with a cleansing of the face to remove pollutants, skin and makeup residue, you will next be treated to a natural glycolic exfoliation of the eye area.  The exfoliation helps to encourage healthy cell turnover as dead skin cells are gently removed.  A hydrating eye masque penetrates deep within your skin to hydrated and restore firmness as crows feet and fine lines are plumped up, drastically reducing their appearance.  Delicate lymphatic drainage massage releases stress and congestion in the eye and sinus area, providing a decrease in puffiness and skin sagging.  Finally, finish with a customized eye cream to address your particular concerns.

Benefits of the Bright Eyes Treatment

Exfoliation: Removal of dead skin cells restores dull skin and ensures healthy cell turnover.

Increased blood circulation – Massage promotes blood circulation which aides detoxification.

Results of Bright Eyes Treatment:

Symptoms of stress, fatigue and aging are reduced around the eye area, leaving you with firm, youthful awake appearance.

 Recommendations for your Visit:


The anti-aging Soothing Hand Treatment is the most popular treatment to receive during your Bright Eyes Treatment visit.


Home Care Products to use after your Bliss Facial:

We recommend continuing the experience at home with some natural remedies for your skin:

Cleanse your skin with a gentle, yet thorough cleanser that wont dry or irritate: Lemon Cleanser

Gently exfoliate your eye area safely with the natural glycolic in the Naseberry Eye Exfoliant

Hydrate, refresh and relax the eye area with the Rasberry Eye Masque

For puffy eyes, combination and/or oily skin types, the Cucumber Eye Gel cools, lifts and firms the eye area.

For dark circles, sallow complexion and dry and/or dehydrated skin types we recommend the Wild Plum Eye Cream.

For a deeply hydrating, soothing eye cream to help with crepe-y skin around the eye the Herbal Eye Cream is your best bet.

By being dedicated to a strict home care routine, you will be helping yourself to improve the overall condition of your skin.  Results include reduced signs of aging, reduced irritation and inflammation and a more balanced, youthful skin tone.



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