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Express Facial at Sabai Thai Spa

The Express Facial at Sabai Thai Spa is an entirely customized mini-facial designed as a quick boost for your skin.

What to expect when I book a Express Facial at Sabai Thai Spa:

Beginning with a thorough skin analysis, your spa practitioner will select products specifically for your skin type or skin concern.  A thorough cleansing is followed by exfoliation, single masque treatment and serum and moisturizer application.   This is the perfect treatment for a mid-month pick-me-up, for when you need a quick deep cleansing or as an introduction to Sabai Thai skin care treatments.  Also includes hand reflexology and arm, neck, shoulder and scalp massage.  The combination of customized products and gentle massage will help reduce stress and anxiety, improve skin conditions and give you a beautiful, bright complexion.

Benefits of the Express Facial:

 Product Benefits

Vitamins & Minerals:  High concentration of vitamins in products restores vital nutrients to the skin while minerals restore tone and improve texture.

Deep Cleansing/Exfoliation: Removal of dull skin cells naturally brightens and smoothes complexion.

Tonique: Balances skin, improves colour, conditions and prepares for next treatment stage

Serum: Works deeper and targets specific skincare concerns
Moisturizer: final step seals in moisture and prevents damage after treatment

 Other Benefits

Increased blood circulation – Massage promotes blood circulation
Relaxation –  Putting yourself in someone else’s hands enables you to completely forget the outside world, and to completely relax.

 Express Facial Results:

Customized for you: reduced irritation, balanced complexion, smoothed & brightened skin.

Recommendations for Renewal Facial:

For regular spa goers, make your day a mini-treatment day!  Our mini manicure, mini pedicure, Bright Eyes Treatment and Healthy Lip Plumping Treatment all work well together to create a full spa experience in less than two hours!

Home Care Products to use after your Express Facial:

 You can save money and extend the results of your facial by taking your skin seriously with these products:

Wake up your skin in the moring with the Citrus Exfoliating Cleanser

Follow with the Wild Plum Tonique: High in iron, it revives and wakes up the skin as it balances and removes and residues

Maximize the anti-aging benefits of your treatment with the Almond and Mineral Treatment.  By using 2 x week you will be preventing the visible signs of aging and encouraging healthy brighter skin.

Seriously see results by following the Raspberry Pore Refining Masque (firming, pore minimizer) with the Blackberry Pore Refining Serum (prevent large pores/blackheads, even out skin tone including T-zone and improve texture).  The results are immediate and long lasting.  Finish your at home regimine with the healing and calming Linden Calendula Moisturizer for maximum hydration and nourishment for your firm, youthful, buoyant skin.

Smooth your whole body gradually with the natural glycolic acid found in the Naseberry Body Lotion –apply directly to skin after bath or shower for maximum absorbancy and best results.

 By being dedicated to a strict home care routine, you will be helping yourself to improve the overall condition of your skin.  Results include reduced sun damage symptoms, reduced signs of aging, reduced irritation and inflammation and a more balanced, youthful skin tone.


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