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"I've had massage ALL OVER THE WORLD.  I must say I have never had anything as GREAT as this. They do not even compare. This is the Best by Far" - Linda G.

       Massage Treatment

Nuad Boran- Traditional Thai Massage
60min/90min/120min $94/ $129/ $179

Thai massage is a unique massage experience that will facilitate deep relaxation while wiping away your daily stresses. Your Treatment is enjoyed comfortably in loose fitted traditional Thai clothing that we provide for you here. Thai Massage techniques incorporate stretching and pressure points over the entire body, releasing blocked energy and increases awareness and wellbeing.

Nuad Pra Kob – Herbal Compress Massage
60min/90min/120min $110/$149/$198

An incredible treatment that uses many Thai herbs: plai, ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and cumin; all wrapped in an incredibly soothing, warm cotton compress.  When the compress is steamed, and applied to the skin with a specific massage technique, the essential oils from the herbs are transferred to the lucky recipients skin. 

This unique combination of heat, herbs, aromatic scent, and massage help to reduce muscular tension, increases blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and ease a restless mind.  

Siam Blend Massage– Modernized Thai Massage
60min/90min 120min $96/ $135/$189

You will get the best of both worlds with this treatment.  Blending our signature oil masage technique with the principles of Thai pressure point massage & stretching; This full body massage will welcome a feeling of deep, inner calm.  The perfect treatment to target tight muscles, get you back on your feet, or just get you through a stressful day! 

Asian Fusion Aroma Massage

60min/90min/120min $96/$135/$189

Inspire your mind and let your body float away with herbal massage oil and incredible, flowing massage.

Starting with a massage of your feet & lower legs, this massage focuses on your hands, feet, neck, shoulders, back and scalp.  Get ready to be blissed away.

Sabai Signature Massage

60min/90min/120min $96/$135/ $189

Melts away stress and tension, while focusing on areas that need it most.   Begins with thorough consultation with spa therapist to create a completely customized massage regimen.   Treatment includes targeted pressure point massage, flowing stretches through the arms and legs and gentle cleansing of face, neck and collar bone area to remove excess oil and toxins from skin

Relaxation Massage
60min/90min/120min $94/ $129/ $179

Soothing away soreness, muscle tension and stress to rebalance your body and enhance your well-being, gentle massage will increase circulation and calm the central nervous system. A perfect way to promote lymphatic drainage for an amazing result.

Deep Pressure Anti-Stress Massage
60min/90min/120min $110/$149/ $198

Thai aromatherapy massage concentrating on head, shoulders & back performs a perfect intense rejuvenator, let warm hands draw out impurities and wake up sluggish circulation to smooth away stress. The perfect massage for someone with lots of sports (or desk) related tension.

Thai Deep Pressure massage
60min/90min/120min $110/$149/$198

Like Nuad Boran (Traditional Thai Massage) this treatment uses deep, slow stretches combined with very deep pressure points to alleviate tight muscles and joints.  Enhanced flexibility and reduced muscle tension are the results.  Customized for your particular concerns.

Deep Pressure Sport Massage

60min/90min/120min $110/$149/ $198

Sports Massage enhances athletic performance and promotes and preserves the optimal health of the athlete. It involves a series of individualized treatments to help each athlete achieve his or her personal performance goals by relieving muscle pain and stiffness, speeding up recovery after training sessions or competitions, and increasing energy and stamina. 

Deep Tissue Massage

60min/ 90min/120min $110/$149/$189

Focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, slow strokes and deep pressure on the contracted areas, a deep-tissue massage helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue. loosen muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly while relaxing and soothing the muscle. It is both corrective and therapeutic. This intense massage may result in muscle tenderness for a few days following treatment.  Great to both treat and prevent sports related injury.

Perfect Balance Massage
60min/90min $139/$198

A specialized treatment focusing on detoxing the body through reflexology, deep pressure massage and targeted pressure point work.  Organic lavender essential oil purifies and balances the body as it calms the mind and soul.  Treatment includes: hand and foot reflexology, neti massage and our soothing deep pressure massage.

Thai Royal Massage
90min/120min  $199/$224

Originally the massage of the Royal Courts, this treatment includes flowing full-body stretches, in-depth, extensive pressure point massage, soothing jasmine hot towels, balancing reflexology of hand and feet and authentic Enlightenment Massage of face and scalp featuring our signature neti pressure point face massage.

Back and Scalp Massage
30min/45min/60min $54/$74/ $94

Unique Thai style techniques are used to help chronic muscle strain and discomfort in areas that need it the most. Excellent for those short on time but high on tension and stress, this intense massage may result in muscle tenderness for a few days following treatment.

Nuad Tao-Thai Reflexology Massage

30min/60min/90min $54/$84/$119

Reflexology is a great stress reducer, it is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the hands, feet and ears that correspond to every part of the body. Relieve your achy feet and enjoy deep relaxation as this luxurious massage promotes health and balance thought the body. A 90minute treatment includes a Thai herbal compress massage on the feet and leg




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