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Men’s Exclusive Skin Care at Sabai Thai Spa

Just as the name suggests, Men’s Exclusive Skincare at Sabai Thai Spa focuses on the specific needs of a man’s skin.   Due to more testosterone, men’s skin is thicker.  It is also often dry, dehydrated and sensitive.  This is a result of daily regimens such as shaving, exposure to the elements, and the result of shaving products on the skin.

What to expect when I book a Men’s Exclusive Skin Care at Sabai Thai Spa:

You will be given an in depth skin analysis, to ensure that you are getting the right treatment for the results you want.  After you have settled into the heated padded bed, your treatment begins with a thorough cleansing to remove impurities from your skin such as pollution, dirt and excess oil.   Vitamins and minerals in the cleanser are able to cleanse and purify without damaging or drying your skin.  The exfoliation combines a gentle AHA treatment with true stimulation from Hungarian paprika, visibly firming and brightening your complexion by naturally increasing your body’s circulation.  Dull, lifeless skin is replaced by a naturally glowing, firmer appearance.  Not only does it smooth out the rough patches, it also encourages healthy circulation, collagen production and new cell growth.  The masque process restores vital nutrients to the skin, improving texture, minimizing pores and refining overall appearance.   This treatment also includes the Eye & Lip Treatment  to further reduce signs of aging and help to improve the look of your skin.  High in vitamins and minerals, your skin is left firm, smooth and even.  During the entire facial treatment you will be receiving massage of your legs and arms, reflexology of hands and feet, Indian Head Massage and our signature Neti Massage of the face and neck area.   Symptoms of dull, fatigued skin, such as puffy eyes, sallow complexion, dark under eye circles and rough complexion are reduced while skin is strengthened which results in less sensitivity and a perfectly even skin tone.

Benefits of the Men’s Exclusive Skincare Facial:

Product Benefits

Vitamins & Minerals:  High concentration of vitamins in products restores vital nutrients to the skin while minerals restore tone and improve texture.

Stimulating Exfoliation:  removal of dead skin cells improves texture, stimulates new cell growth and softens skin while paprika boosts colour and firms skin

Tonique: Balances skin, improves colour, conditions and prepares for next treatment stage

Masque Treatment: Shrinks pores size, minimizes appearance of fine lines, firms sagging skin, improves anemic skin colour, reduces sensitivity and strengthens skin.

Serum: Works deeper and targets specific skincare concerns
Moisturizer: final step seals in moisture and prevents damage after treatment


Men’s Exclusive Skincare Facial Results:

Skintone is firmed, colour is restored.  Symptoms of fatigue and aging are reduced. Sensitivity is reduced.

Recommendations for Renewal Facial:

If you have time, we recommend that you begin your facial with a 30 minute back neck and shoulder massage to target stress and tension areas in your body.

Home Care Products to use after your Facial:

 Take your skin seriously by using these products at home between facial treatments.  You will see benefits quicker and for the longer term.

Wake up your skin in the morning with the Eucalyptus Cleanser

Follow with the Lime Refresh Tonique: High in vitamin C, it balances the skin and wakes up a dull complexion.

Maximize the anti-aging benefits of your treatment with the Almond and Mineral Treatment.  By using 2 x week you will be preventing the visible signs of aging and encouraging healthy brighter skin.

Seriously see results by following the Raspberry Pore Refining Masque (firming, pore minimizer) with the Blackberry Pore Refining Serum (prevent large pores/blackheads, even out skin tone including T-zone and improve texture).  For sensitivity and dry skin, we recommend the Stone Crop Masque. The results are immediate and long lasting.  Finish your at home regimine with the healing and calming Linden Calendula Moisturizer for maximum hydration and nourishment for your firm, youthful, buoyant skin.

Smooth your whole body gradually with the natural glycolic acid found in the Naseberry Body Lotion – apply directly to skin after bath or shower for maximum absorbancy and irresistibly soft skin.

 By being dedicated to a strict home care routine, you will be helping yourself to improve the overall condition of your skin.  Results include reduced signs of aging, reduced irritation and inflammation and a more balanced, youthful skin tone.


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