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Organic Pedicure at Sabai Thai Spa:

Wonderful, enjoyable fingernail and toenail treatment. Treat yourself to a Sabai Thai Spa Men’s exclusive manicure or Pedicure.  Includes a herbal soak, scrub, filing and shaping of the nails, cuticle work, moisturizing massage and the application of nail buff for healthy hands and feet.  .

Designed to give tired feet or hand a rest and look healthy, It relieves swelling in the lower leg and feet, freshens them up with a lively foot scrub, relaxes them with detoxifying Reflexology (learn more?) and finishes up with either a buff or polish application of your choice.

NOTE: This is not a Uplifting Foot Treatment.  It does not include foot wrap.  For those services please see the Pedicure option to ensure you are booked for the proper service.

What to expect when I book an Organic Pedicure at Sabai Thai Spa:

Benefits of Men’s exclusive Manicure or Pedicure:

  •  Reduction of swelling encourages a feeling of lightness in feet and legs
  • Decrease in pain in the legs and feet
  •  Calms, revitalizes and uplifts the spirit
  •  Detoxifying properties of reflexology aide the whole body in feeling better
  •  Stimulates blood circulation and drains away accumulated toxins
  •  Helps to dissipate mental tiredness, stress, depression resulting in greater mental alertness and concentration and clearer thinking.
  • Detoxification of the body through the use of specific ingredients.  Purifies and improves skin tone and texture

Can also help relieve the following conditions: 

Sluggishness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain, swelling

Recommendations by Sabai Thai Spa for your  Organic Pedicure:

The Organic Pedicure can be booked at Sabai Thai Spa as a stand alone treatment, or in addition to another treatment.  For example, most clients who book the Uplifting Foot Treatment, also book the Soothing Hand Treatment for the same day.

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