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Purifying Facial at Sabai Thai Spa

Your best bet to restore balance, reduce inflammation and treat and prevent breakouts, this facial is designed to leave you with your best face forward.

What to expect when I book a Purifying Facial at Sabai Thai Spa:

You will be welcomed to a warm, relaxing treatment room, where you will be encouraged to get nice and cozy under the blankets, and relax your mind and body as you get ready to accept the treatment.  A deep penetrating mineral clay and lavender cleanser calms and softens skin as impurities from your skin such as makeup residue, pollution and excess oil are removed.  Next we exfoliate:  By combining a gentle exfoliant with lightly stimulating ingredients, we are able to ensure an efficient and complete exfoliation without irritating current skin conditions.  A clinically proven probiotic masque restores vital nutrients to the skin, as cooling cucumber tones and revitalizes and yogurt works to minimize signs of acne and uneven skin tone.   High in clarifying and calming ingredients, your skin is left calm, soft and healthy.  During the entire facial treatment you will be receiving gentle, comforting massage of your legs and arms, reflexology of hands and feet, scalp massage and lymphatic drainage massage of the face and neck.   All this fits into the philosophy of whole body healing.  Symptoms of congested skin, such as acne, uneven skin tone, oily T zone, sallow complexion and rough complexion are reduced and personal awareness and confidence in oneself is restored.


Benefits of the Purifying Facial:

 Product Benefits

Vitamins & Minerals:  restores natural balance to skin, improves acne conditions

Exfoliation:  removal of dead skin cells improves texture, stimulates new cell growth and softens skin

Tonique: Balances skin, conditions and prepares for next treatment stage

Hydrating Masque Treatment: Deeply penetrating nourishment and hydration plumps and restores skin

Serum: Works deeper and targets specific skincare concers
Moisturizer: final step seals in moisture and heals the skin

 Other Benefits

Spiritual/Emotional Healing – This facial is designed to not only physically improve the condition of skin, but to help restore self-confidence through the visible reduction of skin condition such as congested pores, uneven skin tone and acne breakouts.

Increased blood circulation – Massage promotes blood circulation which stimulates the removal of toxins from the body

Relaxation –  Full body relaxation is encouraged through precise massage techniques including scalp massage, reflexology and deep flow techniques

 Purifying Facial Results:

Appearance of acne breakouts is reduced, prevention of future breakouts, improved skin tone and texture.

Recommendations for Purifying Facial:

We recommend to purchase a series of five treatments for maximum results

Home Care Products to use between spa treatments:

 We recommend continuing the experience at home with some natural remedies for your skin:

See immediate and long lasting results with the Mineral Cleanser

Follow with the Rosehip Tonique: When used every day, it naturally balances your skin’s oil secretions, resulting in a more refined, even complexion.  The naturally astringent properties guard against bacteria and reduce inflammation as it balances your skins natural pH.

Maximize the benefits of your treatment with the Almond and Mineral Exfoliant.  By using 2 x week you will be promoting healthy circulation and cell renewal, while removing potentially problematic dead skin cells.

Long term results will come from the Calm Skin Probiotic Masque  followed by the Herbal Spot Serum to directly target specific problem spots.

For help with body acne or keratosis polaris (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keratosis_pilaris)we recommend the Pear & Apple Body Wash to naturally improve skin condition as you shower.

 By being dedicated to a strict home care routine, you will be helping yourself to improve the overall condition of your skin.  Results include reduced signs of aging, reduced irritation and inflammation and a more balanced, youthful skin tone.


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