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Soothing Hydration Facial at Sabai Thai Spa

Calm irritation, inflammation and deeply hydrate the skin with this efficient and long lasting treatment.

What to expect when I book a Soothing Hydration Facial at Sabai Thai Spa:

Treatment begins with a gentle cleansing to remove impurities from your skin such as makeup residue, pollution and congested oil.  The high moisturizer content in the cream cleanser prevents drying or the removal of beneficial oils from the skin as it introduces moisturizers.  Next we exfoliate:  By exfoliating you are removing a layer of dull, lifeless skin, exposing a naturally glowing self underneath.  Not only does it smooth out the rough patches, it also encourages healthy circulation, collagen production and new cell growth.  The Soothing Hydration exfoliation combines a gentle mechanical agent (ground maize) with an effective vegan lactic acid to ensure an efficient and complete exfoliation which makes your skin better able to absorb the mask treatment that is to follow.   The masque process restores vital nutrients to the skin, calms and heals irritation and hydrates deep into the skin’s layers.   During the entire facial treatment you will be receiving gentle, comforting massage of your legs and arms, reflexology of hands and feet, scalp massage and lymphatic drainage massage of the face and neck.  Symptoms of irritated, dry skin, such as wrinkles, sensitivity to touch and sunlight, redness and roughness are reduced and replaced with soft, deeply nourished skin.

Benefits of the Soothing Hydration Facial:

 Product Benefits

Vitamins & Minerals:  High concentration of vitamins in products decreases redness and restores hydration while minerals minimize irritation and roughness.

Exfoliation:  removal of dead skin cells improves texture, stimulates new cell growth and softens skin

Tonique: Balances skin, conditions and prepares for next treatment stage

Hydrating Masque Treatment: Deeply penetrating nourishment and hydration plumps and restores skin

Serum: Works deeper and targets specific skincare concers
Moisturizer: final step seals in moisture and heals the skin


Other Benefits
Spiritual/Emotional Healing – rough, irritated skin can hurt and be stressful.  This treatment improves skin condition so it is one less thing you have to worry about.
Relaxation –  Full body relaxation is encouraged through precise massage techniques including scalp massage, reflexology and deep flow techniques.  Relaxing body and mind will reduce rosacea type flare ups.


Soothing Hydration Facial Results:

Deep hydration is restored, skin is calmed and texture is improved


Recommendations for Bliss Facial:

If you are experiencing dry, irritated skin allover your body, we recommend upgrading with a 60min White Clay Body Wrap for $75 + tax


Home Care Products to use after your Soothing Hydration Facial:

 We recommend continuing the experience at home with some natural remedies for your skin:

Start your daily regimen with an infusion of moisture with the Coconut Cream Cleanser

Follow with theStone Crop Hydrating Mist: Healing and hydration in a convenient spray on formula.

Maximize the anti-aging benefits of your treatment with the Rosehip & Maize Exfoliant.  By using 2 x week you will be promoting healthy cell renewal, and removing dead skin cells.

See immediate calming and soothing effects with the Stone Crop Masque.
The Couperose-C Serum strengthens skin cell walls and reduces capillaries
The Linden Calendula Moisturizer is the source of maximum hydration and nourishment for the skin on a daily basis.

Relax body and mind with Apricot Body Oil – add to bath water or apply directly to skin after bath or shower.   Aromatherapy benefits support joyous emotions and blissful relaxation.

 By being dedicated to a strict home care routine, you will be helping yourself to improve the overall condition of your skin.  Results include reduced signs of aging, reduced irritation and inflammation and a more balanced, youthful skin tone.



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